5 Simple Wardrobe Hacks

We often find ourselves looking for DIY clothing and lifestyle hacks, looking for ways to alter the clothes we love, manages stains or repair torn or broken items. We constantly try to make sure we come up with super simple, cost-effective and beneficial hacks to make life easier for us and our followers. Here are some we found and came up with that will help with day to day struggles women go through.

  • Comfortable Jeans: We all have at least one pair of jeans that always seems reluctant to fit right. This hack proved to be a lifesaver. Cut two slits on the inside band of your jeans on both sides, an inch away from the enclosure. Stitch in two buttons on both sides, between the slits and the main enclosures. Now insert a strip of elastic through one of the slits and pull it out from the other. Make sure you make incisions on this elastic strip so you adjust the fit of the elastic and secure it with the button. Cut out the remaining strip.
  • Slippery Heels: Having a good grip in high heels is of utmost importance. This is an easy hack, all you need is a vegetable grater. Now scrape the slippery part of your shoes on the grater, this will roughen its slipperiness.
  • Off-the-Shoulder: Off-the-shoulder is one of the most trending styles, but most women would agree that it is quite a task to hold the sleeves down your shoulders. A super simple trick to hold them down is to just pin up an elastic rubber band or a scrunchie on both sides of your sleeves so that the rubber band falls right under your armpit. No more sliding back up.
  • Sweater & Shirt: Wear a tank top between your shirt and sweater. This will hide bulked up fabric and keep your mid-section bulk & crumple free. Also, the button outlines won’t be visible either.
  • Scratched Leather: Get ridĀ of scratches on your leather jacket, boots or bags with a little moisturizer. Rub the moisturizer on the scratches, it will lighten them and make them almost invisible.

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