6 Crazy & Wild Beauty Trends of 2018

Beauty trends are constantly changing, evolving and improving as we move forward. These trends are changing and evolving quickly as Instagram is beaming up with the brand new and latest trends every day. What is hot and trendy today might not be even worth looking at tomorrow. Here are some of 2018’s wildest beauty trends that took the world by storm.

  • Fishtail Brows: By using a little bit of concealer on part of your eyebrow, create a negative space which gives the illusion of a fishtail brow. This trend was popular all over Instagram and looks pretty unusual, creative and hot.
  • Halo Brows: Halo brows are connected across the forehead in a halo shape, using a concealer, eye pencil, and eyeshadow. This bizarre¬†trend is best left to the internet.
  • Corkscrew Nails: They look cool and trendy but honestly, is not exactly practical nor can be used for actually opening wine bottles.
  • Dragonfly Wings: Iridescent ice-blue lipstick with black liner combined to create a beautiful dragonfly¬†wing on the lips, is a wonderful trend. It’s a shame that not everyone is trying it out.
  • Flower Eye-Liner: Probably everyone should ditch the traditional appliance of plain eyeliner and opt for a beautifully intricate floral design. The process sure is stressful but at the end, if done right, this will definitely look dainty and beautiful.
  • Chain Eyes: Makeup artist James Molloy created a gold chainmail editorial look that went viral, and why wouldn’t it? It is nothing like we have ever seen. Creating this look needs a lot of patience and of course clear lash glue.

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